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Originally Posted by usmc_3m View Post
A "source that shall not be named" on SOCNET is reporting a cleaning house within NSW as a result of the many incidents and investigations. R Admiral Collin Green (NSWC Commander) is directing these actions. Grooming standards will be reinstated, Captain's Masts (jokingly referred to as Admiral's Mast in the article, as RAdm Green will be directly involved) are expected. Also discussed was potentially slowing the expansion of the NSW pipeline until things are re-baselined.

Thoughts on these actions from the NSW community? Is R Admiral Green the right man for the job, and/or taking the proper approach?

Back to my lane...
Seems to just be a knee jerk reaction and hes not actually adressing what ever issues he thinks there are. "Im going to kill morale, that'll show em!"
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