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Once again I see you are attracting negative attention, something I tried to warn you of once before - but you didn't want to listen. It seems you post more in the SEAL area, than our own SWCC area, oh wait, you're not SWCC either, just a guy that only did PB dets and now thinks he's the voice of NSW.

As I have said to you in PM's, read more post less, you think pissing in SB bowl is a smart move? Do you think posting out of your lane is a smart move?

Are you trying to see if they'll que the Chinook's?

Please - push away from the Keyboard before you end up on the banned list.

And don't PM me crying about scolding in private, I've talked to you on that before. let this sink in, replying will only add to the rest of us shaking our heads at you.
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