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Military Freefall Association


For those that're interested, there's a new association in town. is the site for the new MFF Association. Whether you're MFF, an MFF JM, or an MFFI, its great to find out the most recent info and to stay plugged in.

For instance, I'm an MFF JM in an active AF unit and it wasn't until I went to their website a couple mins ago I learned the new USASOC 350-2 has been out since December. Bad on me!

It's a few bucks for membership (I think $35 for lifetime) and they send you a bunch of stuff, but really it's just a place to help keep my knowledge up to date, figure you all may like to do the same. I am not one of the founders but I did pay up to be a member, mainly for the stickers and koozie

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