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Since this is about her passing BRC, here's my 2 cents as an ARS 494 grad. First off, all training changed drastically after the Ranger School trainees died in a swamp in FL back in '95. For the next 3 years I watched in shock/disgust as RIP and BRC churned out weaker grads. I even had to rescue two new BRC grads from drowning during a simple helocast off Onslow. Over the last 20 years warfighter kit and tactics have gotten more gucci, but the training is way less intense.

Back around that same '95 timeframe we had a 'WM' try out for the indoc at Onslow. She even came with a civilian author in tow to document her recon pathway. The story went that she was some kind of Olympic athlete and she could do 100 quality p/u without difficulty. Yeah...she made it through less than a week of RIP. Simple green side swampy patrolling knocked her out. Tonight, I coincidentally watched a Discovery clip on the indoc from 2016, and all I could do was smh sadly.

Now for another side of this for perspective. Post 9/11, I worked a bit overseas with foreign SOF bubbas and whenever this topic of 'female SOF' came up over the years those men stated it best when they asked me: "why would you guys think this is a good thing?" Yeah, I know the answer...but this forced acceptance isn't really about promotions or equality. It's about agenda. The people pushing that agenda have never been on a 7-man deep recon team in a foreign country with no QRF backup on a must succeed mission. Warfare is supposed to be about sending our absolute best warriors into missions to get the best, most unfair results against any enemy. Today, we stack the deck with combined arms, UAVs, snipers, and NVG to have every possible advantage before we engage. I could go on but I won't. This is not an advantage and every 03xx knows it.
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