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Originally Posted by WoreOutMarine View Post
For those of you who are still actively flying as civilian pilots or as military pilots and you are around Southwest Virginia......Stop in for fuel at the Lonesome Pine Airport, Wise, VA (military choppers and Osprey's come in there from time to time for fuel) and go into the control center and you will find a small memorial display for Gary in the lobby. Gary's hometown that he grew up in is Pound, VA/Wise county where I grew up also, is about 10-15 miles away. Only claim to fame for that little town. His sister was married to our local shoe repairman we had back then. He is a true Hero to all of us back there.

Thanks for posting, just checked it out on foreflight; sad that the airport deli is closed permanently as it is nice to grab a bite, like the one at CGE. I will have to put this airstrip on the list.
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