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Originally Posted by Jim1348 View Post
Well, I was not selected, so I guess that means it didn't go well, but I do appreciate your kind thoughts anyway.

It was the first and only time that I have ever done an interview on Zoom. I must say that it was interesting, though, For all of the requirements listed, I met all of the minimum and all of the preferred, except one, if I recall correctly. They really didn't ask about any of that, though. They basically asked me a lot of questions about diversity and inclusiveness. For example, what have you done in your past job(s) to promote diversity? There were so many of those questions about diversity and inclusiveness, that for a moment I thought that I had applied for a diversity job by mistake!
Sounds like maybe you dodged a bullet! See my comments again above, the interview was to determine if you were the "right fit." Apparently, you either weren't or they had somebody else who answered the questions more to their liking. Don't beat yourself up, conduct an AAR, implement the changes for improvement, and hit the next objective.
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