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Originally Posted by Colonel Flagg View Post

There's also an Israeli series about Mossad training cycle that looks interesting, just too busy lately to knock it out.
מדרשה or Mossad 101

Meh. I say don't bother. I appreciated (some) of the Israeli humor of it; but I still can't decide what they were trying to do with it. Too much stupid sub-plot soap opera drama. And the candidates (it's about a class of Mossad candidates) are the sorts who I can't believe would ever pass initial background checks and selection. Makes The Mossad look very unprofessional, which I doubt that they are.

Not like the quality of Fauda at all.

For those not familiar at all with the Israel Police Force/Border Guard and IDF mista'arvim (Arab imposters), the book The Ghost Warriors by Katz isn't bad, IMO.
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