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Originally Posted by Dangerous View Post
When you are wearing the jacket, look down on the ribbons and wing, yep they're right!
Cool shirt...
I had a student at the communications school that was prior-service Air Force. We had a company commander's uniform inspection scheduled one Friday, so on Thursday night, during barracks field day, I had all the Marines in my class hang their uniforms on their lockers so I could look at them as I walked through checking the barracks. My former service student proudly had his five ribbons (it was 1993...) placed on his shirt, 1/8th of an inch above the pocket, centered, etc; but it took me a few minutes to realize he had them pinned to the wrong side of his shirt. One of those so basic mistakes it takes a while to realize it's wrong. His defense was they WERE on the left side; as you looked at the shirt on the hangar...
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