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The agency investigating the shooting stated that the officer who was driving the squad heard a loud sound, which startled him, and it was after the sound that the woman approached their vehicle.

A loud sound could be just about anything. A door slamming, maybe somebody knocked over a trash can, etc.

They went on to state that the woman was shot when she approached their car, subsequent to the sound they heard. Perhaps the loud sound put the officer on edge, his startle reaction was in response to the woman suddenly appearing next to the car.

As Tracy said, most likely an ND, but if the ND were to occur due to being startled, wouldn't it happen immediately when you were startled by the noise? Also, the initial report only stated that Harrity, the driver, was startled. Didn't say anything about Noor being startled.

Given there is no dashcam or body cams, it will be interesting to see how this whole incident gets spun.

Perhaps one of the bigger issues for the Minneapolis PD, as it is with any department of any size, is the wisdom of pairing an officer with about 2 years of experience under his belt with an officer who has even less time on the job than that.
"This is supposed to be a happy occasion! Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who!"

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