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Originally Posted by btq96r View Post
Small things can add up, and if someone is truly in dire straights, anything would be appreciated. I made the decision long ago to never give money to a panhandler, but I try to keep a few extra bottles of water or some cliff bars in the truck to hand out if I see someone aside from the panhandlers I can recognize on sight. I also don't need much excuse to part with leftovers on my way home from a restaurant. I had one homeless guy who was truly grateful when I gave him a slice of pizza and some wings I was taking home...didn't doubt for a second he was spending the night in the corner of a parking garage or somewhere else as rough, rather than being a panhandler for profit.

But I also agree that there are more posers out there than legit vets. That said, I don't have an issue giving a fellow human being of any ilk a bottle of water on a 90 degree day if I'm in a position to do so.
When I was living in Colorado I was always taking in vagabonds,I could not pass em up. The only ones I did not and do not have a problem driving by are skanky looking dude and chick combos I see. Attire and appearance are everything and when I was trampin, there was always a way to be presentable.
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