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Originally Posted by Fu King Lawyer View Post
Reviving this thread because:

With the San Diego Muslim terrorist, the FBI took Apple to court and got a federal judge to rule Apple had to assist. Suddenly, the FBI got into the phone (allegedly with the help a 3d party) and withdrew the suit.

Now, we are back to another terrorist incident and the FBI going back at Apple.

My opinion only - while the iphones do upgrade - the fact they got into it with the San Diego terrorist shooting would indicate to a dumb ass like me, that they can replicate it this time around.

Call me paranoid, but I suspect there is a larger effort underway to require them all to provide the FBI with a back door "key" to get past encryption whenever they decide they need to look into our phones.
The situation with Ladar Levison and Lavabit, combined with working DC, was the final issue that made me realize law enforcement is as corrupt as criminals.

On a side note I love they way Levison provided the keys.
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