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Originally Posted by CAVmedic View Post
I've had several friends and acquaintances that I worked with doing security that have gone on to police departments say they've lied on polygraphs and passed because they didn't see what they did as bad or really care. One instance was downloading music online illegally, another was smoking weed so I guess it's all on the individual. One guy did roids and is now a sheriff.
Conversely, I have a very good friend who was turned down for a police job because of "questionable results" on his polygraph. We were in the infantry together he went on to do two more enlistments in Counter Intel with the commensurate security clearance. He tried to call the polygraph tech out on their bullshit, but they were not inclined to listen. Fortunately it turned out well and he's making a lot more money than I am doing EP work.

Like MixedLoad said, Polygraph examinations are a fucking joke.
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