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GOOD NEWS they have brought in the Portable Toilets. Bad News they have no way to get them out to where they are needed.

Thanks for helping people out in the flooded area.

Originally Posted by assertnull View Post
Still high and dry here. I'm an island of tolerable in a sea of miserable, though.

As to the toilets flushing - I still have water. It's not a mater of the toilets having water available to flush. It's a matter of, there's nowhere for the poop to go, there's no room in the sewers.

I've yet to have to shit in a bag, however. So that's good. We just have to make sure to hold in our poops until the street drains.

During a quiet time yesterday I went out to a flooded neighborhood and helped pull folks out of their homes. Just a bunch of us rednecks with lifted vehicles and rafts, it was a funny sight, I was the most "white collar" person there.

Cleared a couple of folks from a couple of streets, drove them back to a bridge, went in for more.

Not 30 minutes after I'd left to go home and clean the shit water off of myself, the bridge we'd used as a sort of "staging" area collapsed. (ETA that's a bridge over Beltway 8, a fairly major highway/loop here in Houston

Pretty trippy, my truck (well, SUV) was parked right there. If I'd stayed around another 30 minutes, I'd have been a pink and red smear on the roadway below - fun times!

100 yards north of me the neighborhood is flooded. The roads allowing me to egress the area are flooded - I can get out, just have to destroy a few people's yards to do it.

TLDR: I'm still good, the worst crisis I've had thus far is running out of eggs and having to dip into my stash of Honeyville Farms powdered eggs.

I have a few months worth of food, plenty of plastic bags to shit in (if necessary), purification tablets, a ceramic katadyn filter, a smaller katadyn bottle, life straw, potassium permanganate, activated charcoal, all sorts of cool shit to give me a clean drinking water for many moons. I'm good. I'll stay good. But the rest of the city? Completely fucked.
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