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Yeah but Campos didn't even see the dude --- as he "shot through the door". So do we KNOW it was him firing? Yeah yeah, tinfoil I know......

It is odd that he waited for 6 minutes. But I can possibly buy that for some last minute prep-work with no real problem. What is extremely strange, to me at least, is that he fired for 10 minutes or so.......then literally sat there for an hour before SWAT breached (while still having over 1000 rounds of ammo). Maybe he suddenly came to a staunch realization of what he just did and said "fuck the escape plan and living on the run for the rest of my life" and used the expedited checkout option. It's possible. A strong possible. But the entire story is predicated on the fact that he's a "lone gunman" and that he meticulously planned and executed this thing anywhere from a year to a decade before he acted. Complete with explosives, "deadly tracers", escape plans, and other nefarious schemes that the media is speculating on.

IMO, and I'm no alphabet profiler or SME on the matter (so anyone correct me if I'm wrong), but the whole "he's just insane" excuse that's used as a general purpose hole-filler for plot gaps isn't something I'm really comfortable with just accepting as fact when there's pretty much no evidence at all he was mentally deficient. Being insane doesn't lend itself well to planning and executing something like this, for an untrained person.

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And yet another story here.
A worker was checking a jammed fire door when he heard the shots and saw the SG peeking around a corner?

This story has more twists and turns day by day.
Reading the article it doesn't appear that it's any different (Unless I'm missing something?). The worker was fixing a door alarm, heard the shots and saw the SG, wounded in the knee, telling him to take cover as he radioed the Hotel.
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