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Security, whether it be at a casino and hotel in Vegas or anywhere else, is considered an added cost, an expense that doesn't really contribute to the bottom line.

I'm not saying that Mandalay Bay and other casinos in Vegas don't have well trained and equipped security guards, but my guess is that most security that is applied at a casino is centered on the gaming areas and is focused on catching cheaters, both players and employees.

The security that is provided to the general well being of the guests at the hotel is most likely perfunctory, meeting whatever standards the state may have laid out for them and no more. Security is not considered a value added expense or investment that adds to the corporation's bottom line. It detracts from it.

When I came out of the Army in '91 I was looking for a bridge job to keep me busy and bring in some income while I went back to school, so I applied at a local hotel that adjoined the horse racing track in the town I grew up in. I met the security manager at the front desk and he escorted me down to his "office" for an interview, the "office" essentially being what amounted to a fairly small closet space in the kitchen area.

I could tell right away that this operation was an afterthought and the hotel was just doing the minimum amount necessary to meet its insurance obligations in order to indemnify them against any lawsuits resulting from a situation that might have been mitigated with a security force.

I went through the interview in a perfunctory manner, knowing that I wasn't going to accept the position, didn't even get to the point where I asked about salary, I knew it would be rock bottom low. Basically hotel security is there more as a requirement for the insurance policies that hotels have, and hopefully they're good enough to spot a fire before it gets out of control or tactfully handle the drunks that always seem to be getting over served at the hotel watering hole.

Dealing with a mass murderer who is armed with a lot of weapons and ammo generally isn't in the job description, but I'm sure both the maintenance guy and the security guard did the best they could under the extreme circumstances that they found themselves in.
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