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Looking at this event from the outside perspective and applying the variable of some sort of shadowy power broker/lobby group within the U.S. Government being the animators of this shooting I see an angle that might be worked on here. That angle is - power thru fear. If the populace is being terrorized by situations like this they can ultimately be conditioned to give up their rights one after the other until they are basically slaves. All for their protection and safety, of course. No guns, no rights, omnipresent police state with total control over minds and lives of its people. And even then there would be shootings, terrorist events etc. Because the boogeyman, a wolf in the bushes is always needed to keep the sheeple under control and willing to be fleeced.

But to do this you'd probably need more than just this one shooting, so if we consider the above theory to be even remotely plausible there might be more situations like the Vegas shooting yet to come. And this conditioning would take years (even though given how malleable young minds are today I don't think it would take long).
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