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Ann Coulter (I know, I know) had a take I hadn't thought of:

The MSM just keeps repeating that he made a living playing video poker, which is mathematically impossible.
Him having that many guns around points to his obsessive video poker playing as a form of money laundering of his profits as an illegal arms dealer.
In the same way that people managed to keep quiet the open secret of Harvey Weinstein's activities because too many important people would be implicated by the truth, perhaps it is more convenient for some important people if the truth of the alleged shooter's acquaintances remained unknown.
That doesn't mean he wasn't crazy, it doesn't mean there was anyone else involved, and it doesn't mean the facts of the case are significantly different than what has been officially discussed.
It might just involve people who dealt with him in the past who could be embarrassed by association, and therefore influence investigations to not look in certain directions.
Fast and Furious took place not too far away. Not all the guns were ever recovered. Yet.
Nobody makes a living at video poker, and any reporter who has visited a casino knows it, but no reporter will scratch the surface of what he really did for a living and who his clients were.
Nope, that's not strange at all.
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