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So sick of N Korea and the way we deal with their pre-adolescent antics.

Ever since the War ended (well, technically it still hasn't ended) it has been a constant ~10 year cycle of "we're going to build a bomb", "please don't", "fuck you", "we'll give you oil & food", "oh, ok, we'll stop." 10 years later, "we're building a bomb again...".

Just fucking ridiculous, and every time we got nothing and with every cycle they got closer and closer to a bomb. And now they have one. They've played us for half a century. Instead of treating them for what they are, pre-adolescent fucktards that needed their ass beat, we played right into their game. And they won. And based on what is coming out of Washington, they will continue to win.

Our long-term foreign policy sucks, and it has for a long time. It goes beyond just N. Korea.
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