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Same dance, same song since 1994. Third President. The question really is What can we do. The refugee flow out of NK to China is so high the Chinese put three infantry divisions on the border a year so so ago.

Consider that you have a state that has NO other options but to intimidate and threaten other countries for grain and so on.

Now please consider that this is a Xenophobic country that has a ruling class that is desperate to stay in power and out of touch with reality. Think of Marie Antoinette here... but just to add a little spice to the picture throw in enough chemical and biological weapons, along with a few nukes, that cause havoc in a LOT of the Far East.

The scary part is I have not really been able to find any hesitancy for NK to use this stuff.

The worse case scenario is for the the NK government to order an all out attack against the South as the NK government fails. Look at it as a huge suicide attack that will take everyone down with them.

North Korea is going to fail. The challenge is to let the nation fail, collapse, whatever, WITHOUT destroying South Korea, Japan, parts of China, and Russia. The worse case death toll would literally be in the millions.

Todays news that NK no longer feels bound by the 1953 Truce... is a real ratchet up I think.,00.html
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