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Originally Posted by RetPara View Post
. The challenge is to let the nation fail, collapse, whatever, WITHOUT destroying South Korea
Is that even possible?

Even with the best case scenario, isn't South Korea going to be screwed for several generations trying to financially/socially absorb the world's largest toxic sh!t sandwich?

Has reunified Germany actually fully absorbed East Germany yet? And it's been 2 decades.........

And that was one of the well educated, better off Warsaw Pact 2nd world nations.

The gap between North Korea and South Korea is like the gap between the Dark Ages and frickin' Star Trek.

Doesn't South Korea absorbing North Korea make West Germany absorbing East Germany look like a visit to EuroDisney?

What is a realistic outcome that includes a price of less than a trillion dollars?

Isn't it in everyone but the North Korean people's interest to keep the game of toxic muscial chairs going a bit longer?

I'm all for seeing the end to the North Korean regime, but who's going to pick up the tab for this mess?

Because it's going to be a TARPtastic sized bill.

With South Korean economic output/export needle pegging maximum on the Depression Gauge isn't North Korea's aggression possibly just another very well timed effort to extract lots more free stuff?

I'm sorta kinda of the belief that the biggest fear senior leadership in South Korea/China/Japan/US have in regards to North Korea is a North Korean Post Office package arriving at the DMZ containing the keys to the country and a note that says. "We quit! Good ruck!"

I would not wish to be a young South Korean citizen over the next couple of's eventually going to hurt big or bigger.
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