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Originally Posted by RetPara View Post
While it would take a few generations of education and proper nutrition for the NK populace to to recover... the financial expenditure would be tremendous.... but in the long and short term it would better than having Seoul leveled.... along with much of the rest of the country.
Is Seoul REALLY at SERIOUS risk of being leveled?

I know this is a REALLY rough analogy, but wouldn't that be a bit like Tony Soprano trying to whack the local FBI SAIC/office?

Wouldn't the endstate be the same?

Isn't a crude nuclear capability for North Korea a bit like Tony Soprano having some immunity from prosecution?

On one hand, I could see some serious concern about North Korea's leadership stability putting lots of very serious people on notice to intervene if required.

On the other hand, I could see this being a VERY bold/shrewd example from the North Korean standpoint in taking advantage of the economic devastation affecting the related nations to maximize the potential gain for North Korea.

I'm not a regional expert, but could this recent series of events be just another form of unconventional negotiations?

Does North Korea not possess MORE leverage now than what they will likely have in 5 or 10 years when we see the backend of this economic mess?

So doesn't it make sense from their perspective to leverage their ability to throw stone at our temporarily glass houses?

It feels a bit like that scene in Blazing Saddles when the black guy threatens to shoot himself....except less funny.
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