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Originally Posted by Colonel Flagg View Post
Is Seoul REALLY at SERIOUS risk of being leveled?

I know this is a REALLY rough analogy, but wouldn't that be a bit like Tony Soprano trying to whack the local FBI SAIC/office?

Actually closer to the other way around. NK's military is huge, dwarfing SK by a large margin. The safety net is us and our presence there. NK agents have been infiltrating SK's universities for decades, rousing anti-American "occupation" attempting to gain support for US removal from the region.

NK had very little to loose with an invasion of SK and everything to gain.

I don't believe the nukes to be a conventional option for NK, more probable an asymetrical approch (terrorsim, etc..) on the US or any other nation that they precieve as a threat.

China is the wild card, though I suspect they would rather watch the fireworks and reap the benifits of a major economic tax on the waring nations. What exactly would be their gain from interceeding with NK's affairs?

Japan may be our biggest support. They have a massive navy, something that would definatly come into play in the event of raised hostilities.

NK has no viable long term statigy for extended warfare, they would have to make a blitzcrieg push into SK and commendeer their resources. They have no real economy for such an action otherwise, unless supported by someone else (China?).

Never-the-less, NK is not by any means an easy target. There are a lot of factors that make them a very worthy foe.
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