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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
I wish we would do that now.

I could see Chicago going that way. Look at the demographics. Things go south, the only ones with the guns will be the lawless gang bangers. The gangs will take control. The police cannot control them now, you think they will when people go without food and water after a couple of months? And just like in the first book, a massive migration as well out of the city into surrounding areas/farmland/small communities looking for food.

Of course, as per the situation you are describing - well that was an indiction America was no longer. When you do that to one of your own cities - it is over.

But, history has shown us many times the military and police will turn on it's own citizens. Happens in times of severe economic collapse, parties or fanatical leaders seeking power, political correctiveness (i.e. Chinese cultural revolution), ethnic genocide, times of famine or disasters, etc.
All valid points LP.
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