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Ok gentlemen-

I have lurked on here for a couple of months, gained some valuable information from a buddy who is in the field and this website(importance of resumes, ESI school in the above post, which I am planning and coordinating as we speak).

I have a few questions that maybe you guys can answer-

* When I send resumes out, it just feels like I am throwing them into the void of the internet.
Being my first contract, (1) What would help me stand out, I am an 11b deployed in support of OIF, MITT team, etc. I have added an Associates Degree and will attend a PSD course in the spring.
(2) How long has it taken some of you guys to get picked up for the first time? What are things that I should keep in mind?
(3) In the mean time, what other courses should I look into? I see the above post talking about ESI, and EMT certification. That will be put on my to-do list.
This is something that I really want and I would like as much information as possible about it so I can be as prepared and effective as possible.
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