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In comparison my own wife knew little about my Military/Government history. I wanted it that way. Home was home and career was career. They did not have to mix for me to be pleased with my role in life. There was a point in my marriage when my wife pushed an issue. From this issue I realized my wife thought I was a clerk working for the boss (me). I let it go. She was a good wife.
I recall watching an examiner interview an American married to a foreign national. She had entered the US conditionally on a "green card" and they were petitioning to adjust her status to LPR. The examiner told the husband he was required to remain silent and then he commenced to query the foreign born spouse. She didn't have a lot of knowledge about finances (which is not unusual) but did have access to joint accounts and credit cards. Their drivers licenses matched and two cars were titled in both names. The examiner turned to more intimate details of the marriage and also asked about her husband's work, travels, associates, etc. He drew a blank from hher. Eying the husband (who kept silent), he moved in attempting to prove the marriage was a fraud. After 30 minutes or so of more questioning which revealed a total lack of familiarity with the husband's job, the examiner looked at the husband waiting for him to admit the marriage was a shame. At that point he asked the husband if he had anything to say. The husband produced his credentials and said that he was an intelligence officer for the Department of Defense. 10 minutes later her petition was approved.
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