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Originally Posted by Trkracer View Post
Good Afternoon gentleman,

I have been a lurker on this site as well as several others for a few weeks and I am attempting to glean some information on the topic stated above. With that being said, I have not quite found the information I have been looking for. Can anyone here help?

I am a Captain in the Corps and Cobra Pilot and would like to conduct a transfer to Army SF. Why- I have taken flying in the Marine Corps as far as it can go and all thatís left is flying a desk for the majority of my career remaining. Reason for SF- you guys are professionals, I can continue to be in the fight, and I've enjoyed working for Team guys and shooting for you in the past. Iíd like to be a part of what you do.

After reviewing what I can find on the internet, im too senior a Captain to come over as an officer- I have no issue resigning my commission and enlisting instead. But, I cannot find a recruiter who knows how this process would work. Conducting an IST, resigning my commission, and getting a packet approved seems to be outside most recruiters scope. I contacted HRC and the gentleman I spoke with didnít have any info to offer. If anyone has any information on the subject id appreciate any help I get.

Thank you for your time.
Then try MARSOC you big dummy.
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