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Originally Posted by Trkracer View Post
Thank you for the advice. It seems an overwhelming majority advises against the move. I understand. I often have individuals "drooling" over the idea of flying Cobras, etc. In truth, its nothing like what people imagine. Not nearly as sexy, and quality of life is not great- id think someone was nuts to suggest making a career transition to fly (especially if they already had a good thing going). Im guessing you are thinking something along the same lines.
I have a great deal of interest in SOAR. Although, when I spoke with their recruiters, they told me they are not considering inter-service transfers. I would love to be a part of such a unit. I wish I could assess as a Marine, but I donít imagine id be much good to them having zero knowledge in the TMSís they fly.
I have considered trying to transfer to big army with a chance to assess in the future, but the fact they are downsizing there number of pilots leads me to believe that is not a good choice.
I am an NSI and on the docket to go to WTI in my unit. Im considering turning this down if I pursue SF. I donít want the Corps to invest money and time into me and never get a return. It doesnít seem right.
MARSOC is not an option for aviators. Yes, I can go there and operate as an Air-O, but again, that is desk work.
I am very interested in SF. I realize I know very little about it. But being a Team member is a dream of mine. I am not getting any younger. I have witnessed the autonomy and proficiency the teams operate while deployed and that has even further fueled a hunger to move away from the conventional forces.
If anyone has any knowledge on a transition to Sf or Soar, then please let me know. Thank you
If by "autonomy" you mean "having to submit an 88 slide powerpoint presentation that gets kicked back by higher a half a dozen times before they let you venture outside the wire", then yeah. We got tons of "autonomy"
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