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I bought a whisperlite about 20 years ago based on everyone raving about it. I spent the next 15 years trying to find a way to love it. I sold it at a garage sale for $20 about 5 years ago. I could never find the right combination of pressure in the bottle, angle for the bottle and stove, quantity of fuel in the tank, and position of the sun to make it work consistently for me.
I have used the Esbit type stove for years with zero problems, and typically will augment the pellet with a bit of wood bark or something off of the ground. You can also find old surplus Hexamine tabs at some mil. surplus stores that work well in them.
I recently got a JetBoil, and feel about that how RGR. Montcalm feels about his Whisperlite. That thing just works. It goes in my camping pack, but not in my Go-Bag due to size and weight. The Esbit wins in those categories.
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