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Originally Posted by diverescue View Post
I bought a whisperlite about 20 years ago... I could never find the right combination of pressure in the bottle, angle for the bottle and stove, quantity of fuel in the tank, and position of the sun to make it work consistently for me.
In the mid-90's MSR had an issue with the wrong jets (orifice) being put into stoves sold in the U.S., some shipped with the orifice meant for paraffin. Won't work worth a shit with white gas, or unleaded gas, or...

Great stove, I own several. For expedition work and high altitudes there is little to match an MSR. But it is not what goes in my BOBag. As stated, it depends on what your vision is for the use of the bag. Mine is an in-extremis solution to get to the house/cache/ - or just off the X...

For a stove in my BOB I carry a 6 oz. contact lens solution bottle filled with denatured alcohol, & a small cat food can that I used a single hole paper punch to punch a hole every 1/4" around the top. 1/4" of alcohol in the bottom of the can will boil a canteen cup 1/2 full of ice cold water. I get about 16 "boils" per 6 oz. of alcohol - that's 3 - 4 days of travel for me in the winter.

It's cheap, easy to replace the can (soda can, tuna can, etc.) and I can burn any flammable fuel in it - but the alcohol is QUIET and does not produce an odor that can be detected from more than a foot or two.

That link takes you to one of the best "How To" alcohol stove construction sites I know of.

Unless you are working above 10,000' MSL or in 30 deg below zero wx, I'd recommend the alcohol stove for a BOBag - but YMMV...

They are a fun hobby :)
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