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Originally Posted by hawkdrver View Post
Good luck with that. I've had that conversation with Amazon before, usually the best they'll do is recommend you return the one you originally bought and then reorder the lower priced item.

Ain't that the truth. Went thru a 20 minute goat rope with Amazon using chat mode. Me, "you just dropped the price, please adjust". Amazon, 20 gazillion questions and then they send a link with their policies. Basically, Ki$$ our collective a$$es. Me, this is dumb. Amazon, we don't GIF and are just like the VA. You can KMA.

So, the book arrived late yesterday, I took it back to the UPS store this morning with the return label, and re-ordered the $22 version. I hope it works as well as the Acu-Jack I ordered from Hustler magazine.

If I f'ed you out of any profits with the lower price version, PM me and I will make it up.
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