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Originally Posted by B 2/75 View Post
And THAT's why the hard copy pages have the white borders... thought there was a reason for it; this is it.
Correctamundo. I fought with the Kindle publishing software and I could not get that border to blend. I even told the software to bleed all the way to the edge of the page. No dice.

I was lucky to stumble my way into getting Kindle to accept the .pdf. If I had to rekey and reformat every page .... I would still be doing it instead of writing these words.

I am going to experiment with my pedophilia book. I am wondering if the layout app can compress and integrate videos, as there are some chapters that are heavy in video. This will obviously only work for eBooks. Physical books may never be able to show videos.

I think that I am going to keep the Tales of the Rangers series in the current format, so they match, like a matched set. I already have book 2 mocked up. I am just polishing now. Book 3 is 75% complete. Starting over to put them in a Kindle format would be a hell of a lot of work.

I may do a separate series with no photos so I can reduce the book size to 6x9, which will also reduce the cost considerably. That series I will do in Kindle format, so readers can switch up font sizes on the fly.

Current price on my book is $22.10. Amazon keeps fiddling with the price like an algorithm somewhere is stuck and erroring out, or someone is trying to keep the book showing up in some automated system somewhere.

I wish that would happen.
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