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Originally Posted by Thai_Ranger View Post
Finished the second half of the book on the soft cover. Fast read and well put together Doc. Thank you very much for writing this story. I love pictures in books and they were timeless to me. Surprised to find many familiar names and faces of rangers that I had the privilege to worked along side with during my days in the Regiment. Not surprised to see old Ralphie Borja picture in your book. I swear that this man always find himself in someone’s book. There was even a pic of him during OJC while he was in Walter Reed with President Bush Sr. receiving his Purple Heart. To this day he still have to explain to everyone how he fragged himself and his squad while clearing the Commandancia, LOL. Thanks goodness they were all minor frag wounds and everyone were in good spirits and still make jokes about it. He was my SL and PSG during his time at 3D Batt. I swear there were always an “islander” cookouts/parties at his place during our time offs. Standing by for your second book. RLTW!

I saw Borja at SOFIC this year and probably spent an hour with him talking about the old days. He is living in Utah now in the middle of a Mormon neighborhood. I can't remember which company he is working for these days but they make boots.
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