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Great idea!

Originally Posted by Armitage12 View Post
These are enjoyable and pitched at the right level---not too highbrow, not too specialized, and approachable as a gateway.

A suggestion: I have been giving a lot of thought to a bibliography of acceptable published sources (not just online) that might accompany this podcast. I was slightly surprised to see that the Library of Congress does not really have a subject heading where published books in this area would go--they are all over the place.

Nonetheless, someone who wanted text references would do well to have a list of 'good' starts that would be worth purchasing. It would not be all-encompassing, just a very basic, if-you're-gonna-buy-something-start-at-least-with-this, bibliography of perhaps three to four books in the appropriate topic. And I think in nearly each podcast so far there has been at least one book mentioned.
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