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The thing is, ISIS or Daesh or ISIL origniated with al qaeda in iraq, but was able to proliferate due to the syrian civil war and the instability in iraq. There are many baathists who sided with them originally as they(isis) were able to bridge the sunni shia sectarian divide and provide a means for the sunnis to be recognized by the baghdad gov. They were initially seen as liberators but have turned out to be far from the case. There is still quite a strong support system for the sunni fight in ramadi and anbar, albiet not along the ISIS caliphate lines.
The reason they grew so rapidly in iraq and syria was literally due to the sectarian issues.

Mosul will definitely be the hallmark of IS/Daesh iraq campaign. If the shias get involved it will definitely further the sunni shia divide of iraq and could actually cause worse bloodshed as far as widespread sunni shia violence then what IS(daesh) was capable of.

Even with Daesh or ISIS as they are called being kicked from cities, the stability of iraq will be in question as a moderate government is basicaly non existant. Not only do the kurds not trust Bdad but many sunnis do not either. It will prbably turn into a 2006-2008 sunni shia uprising where they kill each other for a year or two before it slows down. The thing is, with the shia militias being armed, the only real threat to them is either the civiians or hashd al watani. Iraq is literally nothing but a militia state now, doomed to follow what the clerics and mullahs say. The US has no control over anything really anymore in iraq.
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