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Originally Posted by MikeP View Post
It can be hard, sometimes to determine SF status-there are grey areas.
With all due respect, sir: there is no gray area. Not today.

A man either graduates from the Q Course and then serves on an ODA, or he does not.

Support personnel are designated today with the MOS suffix "S." As you know, the "S" suffix used to be used as an MOS designator for graduates of the Q Course before the mid-1980's. That then changed in the mid-1980's, with the creation of the 18-series MOS's.

Prior to this time, and specifically during your era, the Vietnam era, any guys who fell into "grey areas" were very few in number, as you know. And they were eventually given orders granting the "S" or other indisputable qualification designator.

If your point is that not all "SF qualified" personnel were graduates of the Q Course, your contention would of course be correct, but these examples would again be few in number, and they would be confined to a specific era, meaning your era, or even before your era.

As for determining "SF status..." I agree that it can be difficult at times. The number of men who have served in the SF Regiment is very large. I do not know how far back the records in the schoolhouse stretch. Getting someone to do a physical records search can be difficult, as they can be quite time consuming and onerous.

For older gentlemen whose service began prior to 1979, they may or may not have digital records in the searchable database. I do not know when the records were digitized.
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