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Reloading made easy!

The basics:
1. Remove spent primer
2. Clean cases if needed (some clean before removing primer to avoid media in the primer pocket). I do not generally clean my cases.
3. Inspect cases
4. Clean primer pocket and trim case if needed
5. Lube case (some dies do not require lube)
6. Size case (some dies deprime and size in one operation)
7. Reprime
8. Measure and dump powder
9. Seat bullet
10. Crimp case if needed


Looks like you will not need much beyond components and maybe a set of dies. Powder, primers, bullets, and cases.

From a bit of googling on that unit it looks like it does pretty much everything for you. I would think you would use a decapping/resizing die that both punches out the spent primer and resizes the case. Did you buy dies when you originally purchased the unit? I would think with a progressive unit like that you would use carbide dies that do not require lube.

Here is the press I use:
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