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Originally Posted by HOLLiS
There are the macho guys that need to prove they are a man and re-load at Max +. Or they buy the biggest shooter available. But they can hot hit the board side of a barn.

A chronometer is a necessity for building up loads. MV among some other indicators can let you know what the pressures are. MAX loads cost more and will cause your brass and firearms deteriorate faster.

Going below Minimum loads can and will cause excessive chamber pressures if you don't know what you are doing, such as using a filler.
I am more of a practical kind of shooter. While I enjoy reading and hearing stories of the latest and greatest or fondling some fine gun porn my .30-30 usually does the trick for what I need it to do. That said I see nothing wrong with hot rodding a firearm if that is how you get your kicks. I have done some kinda fun but tame stuff with the old lever gun. Lead roundballs, lead bullets... My brass tends to last a long time.

Reloading doesn't necessarily save you money. It more often allows you to shoot more for your money, extend the life of firearms chambered in esoteric calibers, and it leads to a whole other hobby that can take on a life of it's own.
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