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Originally Posted by Streck-Fu View Post
Fair enough.

In your opinion, which available online account is the most fair and accurate?
Quite frankly I stopped reading them.

Here is what I want you to understand. Bear with me. It was an active shooter response, and every viable victim was rescued as fast as possible. Right up until he barricaded inside a bathroom with hostages. That is now a barricaded hostage situation, which means contain, negotiate, and be prepared for a crisis entry if needed. That's what happened, related to the bathroom. And everyone who was still alive was evacuated from the remainder (vast majority) of the club if they hadn't yet been. The transition from active shooter to barricade happened really quickly into the incident. Douchebag was driven back by the active shooter response.

The SWAT entry went when it was determined that it needed to go and negotiations were deteriorating. That's all I will say about that issue, because I don't believe anything further has been officially released. Once SWAT made the crisis entry, he was killed, and the remaining hostages were rescued.

Bear in mind that the containment for hostage situation was also greatly challenged because douchebag told 911 that he rigged bodies inside the club with explosives. That complicated things. It also meant EOD personnel had to hand-search every body and body part when all was said and done.

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