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Originally Posted by Kip View Post
My academy is connected to a college. They put all college classes online except for the police academy.

The director tried super hard to get the FDLE and CJSTC to keep us open because my class was supposed to graduate in 3 weeks. The academy class that started March 9 lasted a week before they were told their class was suspended.

We lasted until end of class Tuesday. Before class that day we were told we has Wednesday and Thursday off and we'd be back on Friday. 9 hours later, at the end of the class day we were told that class was suspended until further notice.

Not sure what is going to happen now. We were in the middle of our DUI chapter, and all we had left was the rest of that, the wet lab(supposed to be today), the traffic crash investigations chapter, 5 PT blocks, and scenario weekend, then we were done.

Edit: All police academies in the state are in the same boat, afaik.

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