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Urban Reconnaissance and Surveillance Instructor opening - Okinawa

Patriot Group International, Inc. has an immediate need for an Urban Reconnaissance and Surveillance Course Instructor. The position requires long-term relocation to Okinawa, Japan. Candidates must be able to relocate to Okinawa in early August.

The Instructor will provide planning, coordination, and instruction in the following subject areas: Close Quarters Tactics, Specialized Limited Scale Raid Planning and Execution, Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Advanced Communication, Advanced Photography, and Personal Security. The Instructor will assist in planning, coordination, and evaluation of MEU Exercises. The Instructor will attend Course Content Review Boards to provide recommendations for course content changes based on lessons learned. The Instructor will support Exercise Planning Events, Conferences, and Site Surveys.

Urban Reconnaissance and Surveillance (R&S) Course Description. The course focuses on training Reconnaissance Marines, Radio Reconnaissance Marines, Human Intelligence Marines, and Marine intelligence analysts in urban reconnaissance and surveillance support to specialized limited scale raids and amphibious advance force operations. The course covers emergency assault reporting, force protection routes, fixed and mobile surveillance/counter surveillance, force protection, urban evasion, threat vulnerability assessments, non-standard communication methods, and other phase collection requirements. Additional classes taught include observation techniques, embassy operations, patrolling, hide site construction, field skills, mission planning, communications and Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center (SARC) operations. Marines employ field expedient antennas and operate HF, UHF, VHF and SATCOM radios as well as the MAGTF Secondary Image Dissemination System (MSIDS). This course also covers advanced trauma techniques, hoist operations, mass casualty triage, and remote prolonged field care for Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman.

Urban Reconnaissance and Surveillance Instructor - Experience Requirements

Must be a Combat veteran

Minimum of (10) years of honorable service in the United States Armed Forces or civilian law enforcement agency equivalent.

Recency of experience: No more than (5) years removed from active duty or contract assignment teaching or applying advanced reconnaissance and surveillance techniques in an urban environment
Must have possessed the 0321/0370/0372/18B/18F/18D/18E/18Z MOS
Must have served within an Advanced Force Operations Troop, or relevant equivalent.
Must be a graduate of an Advanced Technical Surveillance Course or Physical Surveillance Course
Must have experience conducting steady-state operations in permissive and semi-permissive environments requiring coordination with the US embassy.
Must be a graduate of a basic or senior instructor course or have previous experience as an instructor teaching these specific skill sets.

Our competitive compensation package will be discussed with interested and qualified candidates.

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