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RIP, Brent Cornelius Hyatt


I'm posting notice of Army Aviator Brent Hyatt here, on off chance
that he might have flown in the 160th.

I met Brent in 1/75 in the early Eighties, when we were both speedy spec 4's. Brent was originally from the Wake Forest area
of North Carolina, and had the slow drawl to prove it. Smart guy,
with a great sense of humor.

I went off to OCS in 83, and Brent said he was going to put in for WOCS. He may have gone in 83-84...?

I looked online for him over the years without success, until
recently, when I found his obit.

Sounds like he made it through flight school. I know he'd have
wanted to fly in the 160th, if he could have.
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