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Originally Posted by O_Pos View Post
Guessing you are doing their AEMT online? I won't go into my personal opinion of online initial EMS education, especially at advanced levels... as I've probably bored everyone here with my previous soapboxes.

But that aside, Jim runs an overall excellent operation at JTM and his tactical medicine courses are well respected.

Yes, I am doing the hybrid AEMT Course. I share your opinion of not being a big fan of online training for initial training/certification. For a newcomer to EMS, I feel in-person instruction is best.

I was also a Corpsman for 5 years and had a lot of training and experience when it came to TCCC, PHTLS (which i am currently certified) and all the other skills that come with being stationed with my Marines ( like stitching up their heads when they play catch with rocks in Iraq... love them guys!! )

I definitely am excited to see you have a high opinion of JTM.
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