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Originally Posted by Sharc1 View Post
....and you have no idea what they want, you're a witness. If they call you and you know what they want, you're a suspect.
Ha, that's funny! Best way to prevent an IA is to get ahold of the Sgt. after a call and say, "You're probably gonna get a complaint on me in about 20 minutes. Here's what happened..." The few times I've done that, they never actually called in to complain, even though I was sure they would. I don't know why it works, but it does.

Only complaint I've actually had go to our IA folks was a totally crazy guy who called 911 reporting his neighbor broke into his house and stole his prescription meds (which didn't happen, by the way). We show up, and he freaks out wanting us arrested for trespassing because we didn't call him before we set foot on his property. No joke, that's actually all there was to it. I guess I just take it for granted that if you call 911 reporting a crime at your house, LE might actually show up.

Of course about an hour later we found out he had a warrant so we went back and arrested him. He was NOT happy about that, but it did help clarify things a bit.
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