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Originally Posted by Dark Helmet View Post
Gerber is set to retire from Savannah PD next summer.
When 'Hard Rock' got locked down in '88 or '89 for the missing NODS the main part of the company was easy to enforce as they were all in their south wing...while Weapons Platoon shared the 3rd floor with B Co WPNS.

So, we were busy being marched to chow or eating MRE's and Brian Gerber hooked my roommate and I up with Burger King. I was so happy, but as my roommate - Weisbrod - who had taken the bag of food while I thanked him - was walking into the room with the food our PLT SGT Arthur McCann came out of the floor and called for yet another surprise 'health & welfare.'

All the C Co guys had to immediately stand outside the room and wait for our rooms to be I was stuck in the hallway. Weisbrod joined me a minute later, our room was checked and no issues.... Weisbrod had chucked the Burger King out the window.... Of course it was spread all over the grass right below our room in the HHC assembly area... so we were sure to get busted.

Never got busted, and I don't know who cleaned it up but I suspect Brian did as he hooked us up with pizza later on.

Good Ranger buddy there!
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