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Originally Posted by gavin View Post
Buying quality products from reputable manufacturers is not out of anyone's league. From your self-description, I would characterize "out of your league" as buying an OpsCore helmet or Crye multicam uniforms. I will caveat this by writing...we live in the United can buy whatever you want to buy, and who cares what anyone else thinks...because America.

You do need to match your equipment to your most likely employment scenario. An ACOG is not the most appropriate optic on a HD long gun.
Shotgun or SBR/AR15 pistol is better suited for HD...
But, regardless, as a non combat trained Vet, I need to embrace a system within the house for HD/SD.
First will be, get alerted an intruder is coming, via dog, alarm or something.
Then, have whatever tool I need to stop him, ready to go and be proficient in using it.
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