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Originally Posted by Mr Furious View Post
I never had an issue with him at all. My experience was that he was a hard-charger and reliable. I never got attitude from him.

What he did as his final action in this life is beyond comprehension. He devastated two families; the LTC’s and his own. My thoughts are with both of them in this tragic period. I know they will never be the same, but I hope they can heal in time.


More than two families have been devasted. I imagine the 1st Sgt will have PTSD from this, as will others who were in the building.

The first cops to respond and enter the office were also the first cops to respond to a suicide (week earlier?), so I suspect this will impact them.

He was a good officer who actually cared for his enlisted troops, a rarity in today's military.

I was told he was a NYANG member, which would account for his June enlistment and March Indoc date.

FWIW- I believe the class he quit is in week 5 of Indoc, think this impacts them?
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