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Originally Posted by KMP View Post
This seems to be pretty well researched. Steve was in Afghanistan in 2009, he hurt his knee out by Anaconda and pretty sure that was the last he was in Group, never saw him after that deployment.
I've been following the news articles and have yet to see detailed disclosure of his service history and activities. Same with his FBI employment history.

However that being said Operation Anaconda was conducted in during early March 2002 which puts confusion into the above timeline summary.

Further I've know several despicable people who never gave me any problems when we were assigned to the same units, but eventually showed their true colors. For example one faked his death for seven years and robbed 10 (FBI suspects at least 20 more) during those seven years. Another has federal conviction of child porn and child trafficking for prostitution. The fact of going AWOL over inability to meet performance standards and subsequently murdering his student training squadron commander and subsequently committing suicide is damning undisputable evidence of an individuals true despicable character.

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