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Icon5 Is direct commissioning possible?

I am a civilian now, did a 6 year enlistment as a 35 series, and ended up in the 160th due do being awesome. *Be nice today is my birthday*

I am not about that contractor life. I want to go back in as a commissioned officer. I would like to go Special forces and tackle selection. I have had various discriptions of what is possible from HRC, to OCS, the GOarmy recruiters, and even SPC ops recruiters. From what I have read there is nothing spotting me from going direct commission back in. The OCS guidelines even mention AFS but no regulation covers direct commissioning that I could find.

Can someone clear up the confusion? I am highly qualified and I know it is a rarity to want to go back, but still. I want to command, and I want to do swoopy stuff. Whats the real deal?