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A few things about this site for you (and any other new comer).
1. I noticed your first post. When you post something like you did, any of the moderators, admins, or verified BTDT are going to look at your post and notice it was your first. The rule about posting an intro here is adhered to. I am sure people get away with not doing it once in a while, but they don't do it while posting how great they are.
2. The fact that you admit that you would ignore the rule because you didn't think anyone would notice says a lot about you.
3. You are currently an unknown commodity on this forum. At the same time, if you served where you claim, it is likely that there is a verified member of the forum that either knows you or knows of you. I imagine some of them may be by soon to ask about your credentials. Conduct yourself accordingly.
4. Disrespecting any of the verified BTDTs isn't tolerated.