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Originally Posted by Old Dog New Trick View Post

As for handheld flashlights there are several advantages; one being hold off (away from you), and the other is seeing your sight alignment. Lastly and really stupid if you ask me is liability if you are challenged in court as to whether you were pointing your gun at the noise behind your house at two o'clock in the morning or just a flashlight. But, the trade off for a proper two handed grip and magazine changes make a mounted light the better assaulters choice or HD weapon.

Oh and TFG - if you shoot at me in the dark I'm just going to shoot back at the muzzle flash so you might as well blind the sh!t out of me with a 300L light. I might just be squinting. ;-)
My doctrine was the same for both tactics, illuminate, locate, assess and fire. leaving the light on while firing exponentially makes it more difficult to either shoot, or turn off the light. The handheld light makes everything harder, EXCEPT illuminating away from your body. It also allows you to illuminate and assess without flagging what might be a no shoot.
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